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Construction Services

Construction, Maintenance and Renovation


SCS provides the full spectrum of construction and maintenance services. We do everything from laying the foundation and building the structure, to handling the electricity and plumbing. Our teams consist of competent and skilled workers under the expert supervision of industry veterans who will ensure that you get great service and great results.

Our construction services are mainly aimed at the domestic and residential market, but our maintenance and renovation services are available to the entire market;
corporate, commercial, domestic and industrial.

Construction & Renovation

When it comes to building something from scratch on an empty plot of land, SCS does it all. We handle the plumbing, the electrical, the designs, the materials, the foundation, the frame - everything short of the furniture and design finishes. Of course, this also applies to making structural changes and renovations to finished buildings, as well as building custom staircases to suite your home's layout and architecture. SCS is your one-stop solution provider.


A leaky ceiling can lead to enormous repair costs to your property, which you cannot always rely on your insurance to cover. The safest best is to get it done properly during the initial construction of the building, or if you suspect you might have a waterproofing problem already, to bring in SCS’s highly experience team to solve it before your costs escalate. We use the internationally accredited “torch-on” method for the most durable reliable waterproofing results.

Roof & Ceiling

SCS provides both installation and repair services for roofing and ceilings. Damage resulting from hail damage or severe storms can vary from breaking a few tiles to a whole in a roof and a collapsed ceiling. For quick and reliable repair services, SCS is always on standby to assist our clients. We also install whole new roofs, in a variety of shapes and sizes to your design or technical requirements.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are very popular home additions in South Africa, and SCS is here to make it as easy as possible for you to get yours. We supply all the materials and can make it any shape and size you require. If you need repairs or maintenance on your existing swimming pool - no problem, SCS can address that for you as well. We are your one stop building and maintenance solution provider.

Custom Staircases

Did you know that SCS Construction can help you with advanced, modern and stylish staircases to add a practical and aesthetic touch to any modern or vintage household? From winding spirals to perfect 90° corner designs, we have the skills and creativity to make your dream staircase a reality.

Steel Frames

If you are planning a construction project for warehouses, hangars or any large steel structure, SCS Construction can supply you with high-quality steel frames custom made to fit your project needs. We offer highly competitive pricing and also ensure convenient delivery to the construction site.


SCS provides the full spectrum of electrical services, ranging from Certificates of Compliance (COC) to rewiring a property, running electricity to a new structural addition or just adding another circuit breaker. We can also assist with assessing the power needs you need to accommodate for with power generators or back up power for your office hardware such as computers and printers.


A paint job can make or break the aesthetic of a building, and leading to either a great or terrible first impression. SCS has experienced teams who will make sure your painting project is done right, from surface preparation and undercoats to chosing the best paint to match your needs, such as interior or exterior walls, and domestic needs versus industrial needs, etc.

Burglar Proofing

Our artisans can create burglar bars to fit nearly every possible window or opening that you would like reinforced. Securing our properties is an unfortunate reality of living in South Africa, but be warned that not all burglar bars are made and installed equally. Make sure that you get it done right - choose SCS.


Problems with your plumbing can lead to embarrassing and ghastly situations which you would like to make disappear as quickly as possible. SCS has dedicated plumbing teams on standby to hit the road at a moment’s notice. We can help turn your property back to normal as quickly possible.