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Concrete Services

Pre-Fabricated Hollow Core Panels, Rib & Block Concrete, In-Situ Concrete, Propless Concrete, T.A.S.S. System


SCS has deep roots in the concrete industry. Our team has been involved in everything from building a new garage to projects involving multi-story business parks.

We have the necessary background and expertise to assist you with all major approaches to concrete construction; pre-fabricated hollow core panels, rib & block concrete, in-situ concrete, propless concrete and the T.A.S.S. system.

Our considerable industry experience allows us to provide professional advice and a highly streamlined service throughout any project’s lifespan.

Pre-Fabricated Hollow Core Panels

Speed up construction projects with these high quality pre-fabricated hollow core concrete panels, which are ready to be used as soon as they arrive at the building site.

Save on time and on building material costs with this rapidly deployable modern solution.

As and added benefit, the unique characteristics of hollow core panels also simplifies future maintenance, making it the smart choice for any construction company seeking to lead the way in the market.

Rib & Block Concrete Slabs

SCS has been providing professional Rib & Block concrete installation solutions to the industry for years. We have a reputation for quality and efficient service, and only use A-Grade materials to ensure every foundation we lay is sound.

Rib and block concrete slabs have a high structural integrity, making the ideally suited for projects big and small. As a pre-fabricated product, construction is also notably quicker in comparison to In-Situ methods. It also requires less temporary supports and less labour during installation.

Rib and block concrete slabs are suitable for commercial and industrial developments, schools, town houses, cluster and domestic homes. It is also ideal for rib and block concrete slab basements, rib and block concrete slab first floors and rib and block concrete ceilings.

In-Situ Concrete Installations

In-Situ, or specifically In-Situ concrete in the case of SCS refers to the process of performing the full concrete construction process on site, also known as “cast-in-place”. In-situ has been the traditional form of concrete construction up until the mid 20th century when pre-cast alternatives were introduced.

While the in-situ approach can be more labour-intensive and take longer to complete, it does offer the advance of reduced material costs, and on-site versatility and adaptiveness. Methods are also in development to allow the in-situ or cast-in-place method to become more cost and time efficient.

T.A.S.S. System

A more modern addition to the pre-fabricated concrete construction world, the Thermal Acoustic Slab System, or TASS, was developed to accommodate more rapid construction projects and energy conservation through the use of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

TASS is a combination of a moulded EPS block and a cold-rolled steel channel to form a coffer slab system for multi-storey buildings.

The system comprises a priority high strength galvanized steel rib which supports the high-density TASS EPS void formers.

TASS can be used in the construction of Double storey residential buildings, Multi storey commercial buildings, Hotels, Flats, duplexes and apartment buildings, Shopping centres and Suspended ground floor slabs.

TASS components are remarkably lightweight and quick and easy to install. TASS also offers the benefits of thermal and sound insulation, competitive pricing, a relatively long life and high versatility.

Propless Concrete System

The T-Beam Propless Rib & Block Slab System is another highly successful and innovative design offering high versatility for apertures, irregular shapes and down lights. Most notably is that it requires 60% less propping on long spans exceeding 5m, and can be implemented completely propless in lengths up to 4.5m.

The Propless system is ideally suited for construction sites which cranes cannot access and where the need for skilled labour must be reduced.

Typical application of the Propless system includes double storey residential buildings, multi storey commercial buildings, hotels, flats, duplexes and apartment buildings, shopping centres, suspended ground floor slabs and in renovations